10. Don’t Eat or Allow Food – This is an effective way to keep your car clean, as it’s easy to drop food and leave wrappers in the small spaces or the floor of your car over time. If you can avoid eating in your car, you don’t have to deal with all the unnecessary odors, stains, crumbs, and wrappers left behind.

9. Occasionally Wax Your Car – You may have to spend some time doing this after washing your car but it’s a worthy investment as it makes washing your car the next time around a lot easier.

8. Make Sure Your Shoes are Clean – whether it’s snow, slush, or dirt on your feet, you should make sure to knock your shoes before getting in your car. This can be easily done by sitting on your seat and knocking your feet together. This avoids excessive dirt being tracked on your carpets.

7. Avoid Kids Riding in Your Car – if you don’t have children of your own this can be much easier to avoid and your car will stay much cleaner as a result. If you do have kids try to keep their hands clean so they’re not smearing food and other things around the area of their seat.

6. Make it a Point to Clean Messes Up Quickly – if something spills or smears on an area in the car, you should remove or clean up the area as soon as possible. If you don’t do this you may stain that area or you may put it off for longer or become unable to fully remove the mess.

5. Keep it in the Garage – While not everyone may have a garage available, if you do have one or an enclosed space for your car, it will help it stay much cleaner than leaving it exposed outdoors. There are many weather related elements that could damage your car, this helps keep it out of harms way for the most part.

4. Keep a Trash Bag Handy – If you keep a trash bag or mini trash can in your car this can help you collect trash and keep it from ever reaching the floor or crevices of your car to begin with. This will also minimize how much you have to clean up every time you clean up the interior of your car.

3. Every time you Leave Take Something with You – Whether its trash, clothes, shoes, or anything else that sits in the car you sometimes use as a portable home, it is important to keep it clean. This can be done on multiple occasions; when you stop for gas, when you get out of the car to run errands, when you’ve taken your car for a car wash, and even when you arrive home at the end of the day. Make sure to take things out rather than store and clutter your car with them.

2. Routinely Wash Your Car – If you schedule a car wash a certain number of times in a month and commit to them, this will really help you keep the shine in your car and make it virtually never dirty. You can even get a discount if you open an account at a local car wash and go enough times per month.

1. Keep it Clean so it Stays Clean – If you make an active effort to toss out trash and keep your car clear of any trash, your vehicle will be less messy as a whole. Once it’s clean it’s easy to keep it that way.