Are you looking for a new car? Before anything, you should determine your budget and the type of car you can afford. You should also consider the costs involved when leasing or financing a vehicle before you decide to do so. When calculating your budget for your new car, consider the following factors:

  1. Monthly Payments
  2. Total Price of Vehicle
  3. Down Payment
  4. Trading in Your Current Car
  5. Affordability Calculators

Monthly Payments

If you’re considering financing or leasing a vehicle, you will need to calculate the monthly payments you would be able to afford. Your monthly payment includes both principal and interest, which is something to consider in the decision making process; the loan term, interest rate, and down payment will affect how much you pay monthly.

Total Price

Your vehicle’s total cost is more than the sticker price. It also includes sales tax, title and registration fee, and optional items, like some within your budget when shopping for a new vehicle. Additionally, you will have the worries of auto insurance, gas, regular maintenance, repairs, registration, and other costs.

Down Payment

Most of the time, vehicles are purchased with a down payment. The more you can put towards your down payment, the lower your monthly rate will be.

Trading in Your Current Car

Most dealerships accept trade-ins for another vehicle from their lot. It helps reduce your overall cost of the new vehicle and helps you improve your loan terms. This may also help you negotiate when you’re attempting to get a new car from this specific dealership.

Affordability Calculators

Each person’s circumstances are different and only you can determine what your budget is. There are, however, a few ways to help you calculate your ideal price range. One of them being free affordability calculators, like the one we have on our website. You can receive an estimate of what your monthly payments will be, from the price you’ve established you’re willing to pay. Visit our payment calculator and try it on for size with your personal budget details and find a fast and simple solution to your auto financing.