Over time our cars become more advanced and it becomes more difficult for owners to get basic repairs and maintenance done as a result. Depending on the issue with the vehicle some jobs may require professional expertise and others can be done by the car owner to allow it continue running in great condition. We have listed a few tips that we recommend that will save you both time and money in the future:

  1. Hazy Headlights – modern headlights are assembled with plastic cover on them that are see through and can become hazy over time. You can save on expenses by using a restoration kit, which come with an abrasive cloth and a special liquid, rather than change the whole headlight.
  2. Windshield Wipers – If you keep your windshield wipers clean then you can preserve how long they will last. You can do this by wiping the rubber edge with a moist paper towel and glass cleaner or water and some dish soap.
  3. Wash and WaxCleaning your car consistently helps keep the paint preserved and remove any of the grime and residue that builds up. A spray wax can be done on a weekly basis and other waxes on your car can be less frequent on a 2-3 month basis.
  4. Change Light Bulbs – most people avoid tasks for their car that they think requires too much work, such as changing light bulbs. In reality it is simple and if you have access to your service manual or look online it can help you with the process. It’s recommended you use gloves during this process.
  5. Paint Touch-Ups – If you ever get into a minor fender bender or scratch your car in a minor way, touching up the minor flaws can save you on a lot of money later on. This can be done on chips and small scratches for a few dollars at your dealership and auto-repair shops. You can even do it yourself by buying a matching paint.