When buying a used car it’s always important to take into consideration the model of the car. Some cars are flashy and fast but once a certain number of miles have been put on the vehicle, its usability has run its course. It’s crucial to buy a quality used car that is known for its durability and reliability of use. The worst thing you can do is blindly buy a used vehicle that looks great but has multiple unforeseen issues in the near future once you’ve purchased it.

We’ve put together an alphabetical list of cars by make and model that hold a record of being worse-than-average in overall reliability and we highly recommend you consider skipping out on these cars when buying your new used car. This will help you avoid any future issues with your vehicle once buying it and ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

These are the top five 2007-2016 models we’ve put together are definitely worth taking note of as these cars may have a combination of issues if you do purchase one. Noting these used cars will greatly enhance your car buying experience and allow you to avoid picking the dud and allow you to pick the best used car possible:

1. Acura

Model: TLX
Avoid Years: 2015-2016

2. Audi

Model: A3
Avoid Year: 2016
Model: A4
Avoid Years: 2009-2010
Model: Q7
Avoid Year: 2015

3. BMW

Model: 1 Series
Avoid Year: 2011
Model: 3 Series
Avoid Years: 2008-2011
Model: 4 Series
Avoid Year: 2014
Model: 5 Series
Avoid Years: 2008, 2012
Model: X3
Avoid Years, 2007-2008, 2011
Model: X5
Avoid Years: 2011-2012

4. Buick

Model: Enclave
Avoid Years: 2008-2011
Model: LaCrosse
Avoid Year: 2007
Model: Lucerne
Avoid Year: 2008

5. Cadillac

Model: ATS
Avoid Years: 2013, 2015
Model: Escalade
Avoid Years: 2015-2016
Model: SRX
Avoid Year: 2013