Why buy a Used Car with Us

Double L Motors has been servicing Calgary, by providing quality used cars, since 1979. We ensure that our customers are able to purchase vehicles that will be reliable, high quality, and within their budget. We understand there are many aspects to the car buying experience and that’s why we strive to make it as easy as possible for you. We know that making an investment in a car is taking a big step, and ensuring the vehicle is worthy of that investment is everything to customers. We are on the same page as you and we would like to explain to you all the many ways we help our customers make the right choice.

We post our vehicles with the best price and base the price on the current market set to give you the bet possible deal, every single time. Our prices are backed up by a market value analysis that determines the price of our cars in comparison to every other similar vehicle on the market.

Double L Motors has a standard of mechanically inspecting every used car that is at our dealership. This helps ensure that you have confidence in our vehicles before purchasing them. We go through different procedures such as getting our vehicles mechanically inspected by a third party certified shop. Whether you’re looking for a lightly used vehicle or a reconditioned used vehicle that is backed up by warranty, we have a wide inventory of reliable cars to choose from that could be just right for you. After we perform a comprehensive inspection, all of our vehicles are deemed Double L Motors certified.

When you buy a used vehicle you’re ensuring that you’re not only receiving a car that is worth only half of the amount you bought it for, the minute you drive off the lot. After the first year the car’s depreciation is highest. After that depreciation gets lower each year, but it is still the biggest expense when buying a car. Used vehicles do not go down as much in value between owners as long as there are no accidents during the ownership of the car.

We are a licensed Amvic dealer and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. This means that we ensure all of our vehicles are in excellent condition before being sold. We implement a process that ensures the cars we have at our dealership are of the best quality used cars for our customers. Double L Motors has a long history of customer satisfaction and make sure our customers always leave our dealership fully happy with their purchase as they drive away with their new car.

Double L Motors has a standard to uphold and one of the ways we do this is by providing our customers with a warranty on the vehicle they purchase from our dealership. If they’re looking to protect their investment we are willing to cover that with a warranty on their quality used car. We implement this with all of the cars we have on our lot. We also make sure the prices that we value our cars at are fair market value so our customers are getting their money’s worth and investing wisely. We know if our customers are happy today, they’ll refer us to their friends tomorrow!

Our Sales staff and finance managers have the experience to help you finance your next used vehicle with ease. We work with a variety of different lenders to insure that our customers receive the lowest interest rates.

Double L Motors compares our vehicles with other vehicles of similar year, make, model and condition to determine what fair market value is. We do our homework when it comes to pricing our vehicles this insures that you get a great deal on your next used car.