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We advise you to read through our website privacy policy and terms and conditions to better understand how we protect your personal information. By using our website you agree to the policies in our privacy policy. This information is to guide our and inform them as to how information is stored, what information or content they might receive and the safety of your personal information in our database.

Double L Motors obtains consent through a variety of different channels. Online consent may be obtained thought our privacy policy and terms of conditions. Before submitting information you may be asked to consent to the transfer of information to our database. Offline consent will be brought to the attention of clients through verbal communication or the act of signing a legal document that consents to recording of your personal information. The use of this information on legal documentation will be outlined at that time. Normally, proving us with your personal information, the assumption is made that the user consents to the recording of personal information. The reason for collection of information is usually outlines in the legal document or implicit in the context of the document. If a client does not understand the intentions of recorded data they may speak to one of our staff members for more information.

It is the responsibility of the user to provide correct information as requests for services will be based on the accuracy of the information submitted. Double L Motors is not liable for incorrect information being stored that was given to us by the user.

Redress of personal information is important to us at any time clients with personal information stored in our database have the option to remove themselves, update or edit information. At any time you can simply submit an inquiry to Double L Motors to request your personal profile and data status. Edits to personal information will be removed edited or updated shortly after you have been verified.

The security of your personal information is highly important to us. Double L Motors takes all necessary precautions to protect personable information such as legal name, address, phone number and all financial information obtained. When submitting personal information to Double L Motors you are protected both online and off-line from sharing with other parties. Personalized information obtained online is encrypted and secured using security software.

Off-line personal information will only be requested by a member of our staff that is cleared and approved by Double L Motors. Secured access to stored information is limited to employees. Staff will only have access to personal information if he or she is using this information to obtain a service at the request of the client.

All information shared with certified business partners of Double L Motors will only be used in conjunction of services or product request by the client such as request of financing by customer, information will be shared with the appropriate business lender.

Cookies are a small file(s) that can be stored on a user’s computer. Our Dealership may use a feature to store cookies on your hard drive. These files will better allow us to provide our potential customers browsing for used vehicles a customized experience. The use of cookies by our dealership is intended to assist visitor’s start where they left off. Registered login credentials, customizations, potentials themes will be stored. Cookies can be removed from your browser at any time by deleting them using your browser internet options. Cookies may also be used to measure our online ad promotions and how they affect your visit to our website

Through Registration a personalized password will be created by the user. A user password should never be shared with third parties to protect them from third party access of personal information recorded in our database. If a password is shared with a third party we advise you to change your password at the user’s earliest convenience unsure security.

This site is not suitable or intended for users under the age of 14. If information of a user under the age of 14 is discovered and we are aware, recordings will remove from our database. We advise all individuals under the age of 14 receive permission and supervision from a parent or guardian before browsing our products or services. Children who are over the age of 14 however are under the age of majority in their jurisdiction should not provide us with any personal information unless approved by guardians or parents as this information will be removed if discovered.

Personal information about the individual provided to Double L Motors such as, full legal name, email address, telephone number, age, gender are protected under our privacy policy. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties outside those requested. If you have signed up to receive promotional offers or information on our products or services you have the option of removing yourself from our database at anytime. Personal information obtained is only used to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information. Double L Motors will use make every reasonable attempt to only provide our client database with information they are interested in.

Your name, home address, telephone number, personal e-mail address, and personal Twitter or other social media address. In some cases, it may include demographic information such as your gender, age, nationality and other characteristics when that information is used in connection with other information about you

We reserve the right to update our privacy policy as new policies are implemented to better insure safety of user information with all entities. We strongly encourage all users to periodically check our privacy policy and terms of use and disclaimer page to have the most up to date information. For any more information you can contact us and we will gladly answer questions or concerns you might have.

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